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20 Good Reasons to Buy Property in Malaysia





• One of the region's fastest growing forecast 7% compound annual rate till 2010.
• The government is actively seeking to increase tourism and foreign investment.

• Longest-serving democratically-elected government in the world.
• Stable, strong oil-based currency (US dollar tracking).
• Low cost of living with low inflation and attractive finance rates.
• 2008 is 'visit Malaysia year'.
• Properties are attractive and well priced.
• Superb golf and sports facilities available.
• There are high rental demands.
• There is a low cost of living.
• A wonderful tropical climate.
• There is a strong demand for resale properties.
• Warm, charming, polite multi-cultural people.
• Young, growing population, moving to Klang Valley.
• Former British colony, so familiar 'feel' for UK visitors.
• English-based legal, banking and education systems.
• English almost universally spoken and understood.
• Beautiful white sandy beaches.
• Superb climate and food.
• There are regular flights available from many UK international airports.

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