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Innovative sleep systems

SLUMBERLAND offers innovative sleep systems to suit individual needs. Founded in the United Kingdom in 1919, today Slumberland is successfully marketed in 22 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, with factories in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China.

Slumberland has been a household name for comfortable, high quality and durable mattresses in Malaysia for over 20 years. Recently, Slumberland officiated its flagship Slumberland Mattress Gallery along Jalan Maarof, Bangsar.

''Bangsar is a high traffic, expatriate area with very good prospective customers. We foresee that this flagship gallery will further improve the image of Slumberland's premium bedding products,'' says product manager Cheng Kai Hin.


A Slumber­­land mattress is all you need for peaceful slumber.

Slumberland features 11 specially crafted models in this gallery. Air Pulse MicroClean is the first model that uses Europe's most advanced technology -- Air Spring. Combining comfort and hygiene, Air Pulse MicroClean's natural wool overlays guarantee a good bed climate through the thin, climate controlled high-tech microfibre material that is permanently impermeable to mites and allergens. The Air Pulse spring element enables an air-supported, precise body adjustment from all sides; providing ventilation for the core and overlays, which promotes hygiene and is recommended for allergy sufferers.

In the 1980's the company led the bedding industry with the revolutionary Continuous Interlinked Posture Springing System. In 1993, Slumberland achieved another industry-first with the launch of the Pocketed Posture Springing System. In 1998, Slumberland launched the first anti-dustmite mattress in Malaysia.

''Today, Slumberland continues its market leadership with the introduction of the Far Infrared Ray mattress in Malaysia. As Slumberland's technology becomes more advanced, consumers can enjoy comfortable sleep while maintaining good overall health,'' said Cheng.

The Far Infrared technology is applied to effectively help in improving blood circulation. And the new Slumberland Far Infrared Ray Mattress helps enhance the quality of sleep, allowing the user to wake up refreshed. Woven with a special fibre composed of different kinds of ceramics mixed with nano-sized far infrared particles and mineral oxides, this mattress emits far infrared rays at body temperature. The special fibres transfer the far infrared energy into the body to help improve blood circulation and enhance sleep. Additionally, Slumberland Far Infrared Ray mattress is made with the highest number of pocketed springs.

''The Slumberland flagship model has 5,400 pocketed posture springs, which is the highest in the bedding industry. More springs mean more comfort,'' according to Cheng.

The Slumberland Far Infrared Ray mattress range comes with a special introductory offer for a limited period and is now available at all major furniture retailers nationwide.

source: the star online


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