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Cutting-edge fridges

Mitsubishi Electric's latest line-up of state-of-the-art Folio refrigerators is truly functional yet elegant. With five efficient cooling zones that cleverly monitor temperature changes, Folio refrigerators prevent cool air seepage from one compartment to another, effectively minimising the loss of cool air -- thus saving energy.

This means food and perishables remain fresh, without your having to constantly reset the temperature setting. Here's some exciting features of Folio refrigerators:

Unlike conventional refrigerators, which only serve to preserve freshness, the Folio fridge increases nutrients using LED lights installed at the back of its vegetable compartment.

Soft-Freezing -- No more meat thawing

This is a feature most housewives will love. Created to save time and preserve taste and nutrients, the feature eliminates the need to thaw frozen meat before cooking as it freezes under low temperature for easy cutting and slicing.

Auto-Shelf - Adjustable shelf height

One favourite feature among users, the Auto-Shelf enables adjustable shelf heights to fit different items. Gone are the days when pots were too bulky to fit inside the fridge.

Vitamin Factory -- The world's first vitamin-increasing compartment

Unlike conventional refrigerators, which only serve to preserve freshness, the Folio fridge's ''Vitamin Factory'' increases nutrients using illuminating LED light installed at the back of its vegetable compartment, which acts as a ''miniature sun'' to promote photosynthesis. The process helps retain original moisture levels in vegetables, while simultaneously increasing vitamin values in your greens.

Auto Ice-maker -- Makes natural-tasting ice cubes

With the Auto Ice-maker, you get sparkling ice cubes made from clean water right from the fridge's built-in tank. The built-in tank is enhanced with V-LED light to eliminate chlorine, giving you natural-tasting ice cubes that take longer to melt.

Energy Savings

Folio's compartmentalised cooling zones impressively lowers energy consumption for greater energy savings while promoting better food saver organisation. Its inverter sensor technology sensitively detects rises and dips in external temperature, and adjusts power consumption accordingly, thus saving energy.

Folio fridges' novel Surround Cooling System blows cool air from the side, front and the back of the fridge for a 360-degree chill, too.

The Folio series comes in sophisticated colours to fit any home. Mitsubishi Electric also offers a selection of three-door and two-door refrigerators of the highest quality and design.


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