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Free First Aid Training Program

  A free first aid training community program is hosted by St. John's Ambulance Malaysia and the FPMPAM to raise people who can respond in emergency situations. Who knows when you will need these skills.

Sep 28, 2008 – The Federation of Private Medical Practitioners’Association of Malaysia (FPMPAM) in collaboration with the St. John Ambulance Malaysia (SJAM) aims to improve survival of casualties of accidents, criminal violence, fires and natural disasters by training citizens who can deliver initial first aid.

The FPMPAM is concerned that many members of the public may not be aware of how to organize, make decisions and take appropriate measures during emergency situations while waiting for help that can make the difference between life and death.
To provide knowledge and training to develop citizen responders among communities nationwide, the FPMPAM – SJAM will roll out the Citizen’s Action and Response in Emergencies (CARE) program in January 2008.

The program will give special emphasis on managing various situations that require emergency intervention like a person who is choking, unconscious, bleeding and in shock,

They will also be taught about fractures, spinal injury, burns and also the technique of proper bandaging, stopping bleeding and proper transportation the injured which may dramatically improve their chance of survival.

For more information, the public can contact Dr. Hew Kin Sun at 09-568 3058 or Dr. John Tan 03-7954 7898 or email CARE secretariat at

“The plan is to educate the public on correct approach to various emergency scenarios and create a critical mass of individuals who can take care of themselves and others while waiting for help,” said Dr. Steven Chow, President of the FPMPAM.

“Depending on the situation and location, the injured may depend on family members, neighbors, co-workers or ‘good Samaritans’ to keep them alive until emergency responders arrive.

“With appropriate on-site aid and rapid transfer to a hospital, the wounded such as those in a motor vehicle accident or a victim of criminal violence, have a better chance of survival.”

Dr. Chow said that this knowledge and training is especially cruicial for those living in remote areas that may experience situations where roads are destroyed, phone and power lines are cut off due to landslides or floods.

“During such scenarios, it is unrealistic for help to arrive immediately. It could be hours or days later,” said Dr. Chow.

"These citizen responders can provide immediate assistance to victims in their area; organize spontaneous volunteers who have not had the training and collect disaster intelligence that will assist professional responders and healthcare practitioners.”

Of late, Malaysia has experienced severe weather events that have triggered landslides and floods across the nation such as in Johor, East Coast and East Malaysia that have led to some casualties.

“It is important that the community be adequately trained in disaster management preparedness and the SJAM is glad to be a key partner in this program” said Datuk Dr. Lee Hoo Teong, Chief-of-Staff (Training), SJAM.

The CARE program, held in conjunction with SJAM’s 100th Anniversary, will take place on weekends and begin in the Klang Valley and Pahang before moving on to other states in the Peninsula and East Malaysia.

“Participants will practice identifying and treating airway obstruction, bleeding and shock by using triage and rapid intervention techniques,” said Dr. Hew Kin Sun, council member of the FPMPAM and also State Commander from SJAM Pahang.

“They will also learn how to evaluate the injured by doing basic head-to-toe assessment, establishing an emergency treatment area, performing basic first aid.”

A convenient schedule will also be arranged for community groups, property owner associations and businesses.

Founded in 1989, the Federation of Private Medical Practitioners’A Associations Malaysia (FPMPAM) is the national medical body that supports doctors in private practice to provide high quality health care through continuing medical education, ethics advocacy and public outreach programs.

The FPMPAM organizes various continuing medical education courses and workshops for specialists, general practitioners, and nurses.


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