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Bangsar & Hartamas


This is where the hip, the stylish and the beautiful, and not forgetting to mention, the wannabes hang out to be seen on weekends. Night clubs and bars, trendy restaurants and specialty coffee cafes line the streets. On "Ladies' Nights' and weekends, party goers are seen spilling out of the more popular spots like Finnegan's, Flam's and Telawi Street Bistro. Bangsar is alive almost 20 hours a day. Have breakfast at the Dome, Coffee Bean, Starbucks or San Francisco Coffee, lunch at Red Chamber, have tea at Alexis or Cocomo, and spoil yourself with some fine dining at Grappa's. Alternatively, you can simply park yourself at a sidewalk of a café and people watch. Sometimes this is more fun than being part of the herd.

Dress down Sunday evenings and drive to Bangsar for its ever-popular night market - fresh flowers, fresh groceries, lots of titbit for you to snack on and of course, cooked food to take home for dinner.

How to get there - there isn't a taxi driver in KL who does not know how to get to Bangsar. But if you're looking for an alternative - take the Putra LRT and stop at the Bangsar station.

Sri Hartamas

Sri Hartamas is relatively new compared to Bangsar. Relatively less pretentious, but not necessarily less show-offish. Distancewise, they are hardly fifteen minutes drive away from each other. Chill out at Souled Out for some good food and entertaining live bands. Finnegan's also has a bar here, and also very popular. Try some Penang style dishes at Penang Village or at Little Island Café, and stop by at Strudels for some dessert.

You are spoilt for choice here when it comes to eateries, both local and international.


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