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Kuala Lumpur Shopping Fun

Petaling Street (Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown)


This is where most travellers gravitate to when in KL - usually looking for bargains and cheap food. Lodging is aplenty here - not to travellers' expectations sometimes but will suffice for a night's stay in a central location. Chinatown is still very much a local hangout where in the daytime, the wet market still caters to their loyal customers who have been buying their groceries here for decades, the temples are not only a tourist attraction but very much in operation, a few of its food outlets have been around for 3 generations, the banks and even the coffee and liquor shops have their steady clientele. The wholesale florists along the Malaya Hotel stretch are a good place to buy bouquets for a reasonable price. However, when night falls, the street market begins its jostle. Restaurants serving cold beers, stalls selling fake watches, branded goods, you name it...fill up the streets.


Suria KLCC


Perfect if you don't mind venturing into the city. The place to meet and be seen is the long row of upmarket restaurants lying along in an arch facing the park. Have a leisurely walk and browse around to find a restaurant that fits your fancy. Italian, Japanese, fusion, Asian, popular landmarks like Dome and Gloria Jeans, fancy chic names like Chinoz and Tango. Don't hang about too long, grab a seat before someone else spots that one empty space that twenty others have been waiting for.


There's a website for Suria KLCC is


Bintang Walk (Jalan Bukit Bintang)


A street of shopping malls namely Starhill Shopping Centre and Lot 10 with exclusive brand names as tenants such as Gucci, Prada, Versace, Mango to KL Plaza, Sungai Wang Plaza and Bukit Bintang Plaza with its specialised tenants from trendy, fad clothing to electrical goods. Imbi Plaza and Plaza Low Yat are the two malls to go if you're looking for anything to do with computers.


The latest addition to a list of places to visit for shopaholics, is the Pavilion. The new shopping and entertainment complex takes up where use to stand - Bukit Bintang Secondary School, Bukit Bintang Primary School, The Weld Swimming Pool and The Eden Seafood Restaurant . This includes 2 school fields. Imagine the floor space to cover! The Pavilion

How to get there : The Monorail


Bangsar Shopping Centre (Bangsar)


A suburban shopping mall just a short drive from the Bangsar hub at Telawi. Very popular with expatriates who shop for groceries at Cold Storage and Mister Ho's. For the young and impressionable, there are the usual coffee places like Coffee bean and Austin Chase. Weekends are packed due to the street bazaar activity.


Mid Valley Mega Mall


A gigantic shopping mall not far from Bangsar with such a variety of clothes, food, speciality shops - it'll make the faint-hearted swoon. In september 2007, the annexe called The Gardens was officially opened, making MidValley more confusing and a lot larger. I hope there's enough parking space.. Want to take a look at what you're in for? Check out their website for a list of tenants at



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