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Go Shopping Crazy - its National Sports

The prices in KL were the most economical that we ever saw. Our favorite shopping centers were:

1. Central Market on Petaling Street: for buying antiques, local art and gifts.

2. Bukit Bentang or BB Plaza at Bukit Bentang: This mall houses small and medium sized stores of all types. We bought several pieces of local artwork from stores here.

3. Lot 10 at Bukit Bentang: This mall houses upscale stores selling branded products. Since the UAE has several retail malls of this type, we only visited it for window shopping. However, if we did not have stuff back home then we would have got it from here, as the prices were very less.

4. Malaysian Heritage House at Bukit Bentang: This store sells Malaysian wooden work. It is located on your right hand side if you walk from Novotel road towards BB Plaza. Most delicately built and most beautiful wooden art can be bought from here.

5. China Town: We only bought T-shirts from here and enjoyed dining in its heavily populated food court selling Chinese food. Haggling is the name of the game at China Town.

What To Buy: Local art, pewter work, every thing to wear and use back home. Just buy and dump in your suite cases. I bought several daily use items that we found were cheaper in KL. In the end, we had bought so much stuff that we ran out of suitecase space. We had to request roadside shops to give us cartons to fill them and bring back home.

What To Pay: Malaysia is very economical and several items are cheaper than the duty free Dubai.

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