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Malaysia's Thinkscape To Design Marketing Media For UAE Co.,





Malaysia's Thinkscape To Design Marketing Media

For UAE Company's US$21 Billion Project


DUBAI, Nov 3 (Bernama) -- Dubai's leading master developer, Dubai Properties, has assigned Malaysia's creative agency group, Thinkscape, to design the interactive marketing media for Mudon, a property development valued at US$21 billion here.

Covering an area of 6.78 million sq metres, Mudon -- meaning "cities" in Arabic -- recreates five major Arab cities of Baghdad, Beirut, Damascus, Cairo and Marrakesh.

Thinkscape group managing director, John Jong, said the company would continue to improve its capacity to provide creative digital design that will be at once sleek, cutting edge and, above all, effective for Dubai Properties to market its products.

"Mudon is our latest task following the previous success with the creation of an interactive media kit for Dubai Properties' global marketing, as well as its Bay Square project," he said in a statement.

Thinkscape is headquartered in Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur. It also has a regional setup in Dubai near the World Trade Centre district.

The digital and creative communications agency is an MSC-Status company, and is an associate member of the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents.

Its one-stop integrated portfolio of creative services includes brand planning, 3D animation, exhibition and retail design, experiential digital media, architecture rendering, advertising, identity and collateral design, brand strategic planning as well as web and interactive new media.

Mudon will be a "cities-within-a-city" development in Dubailand. The architecture of each of the cities will resemble its real-life counterpart, providing 50,000 residents with an authentic living experience and a modern and luxurious lifestyle.





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